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Susan Napoli

My passion for textiles stems back to my High School days where I was introduced to printmaking. My art folio consisted of a series of prints using a very basic technique. This involved cut out stencil printmaking using up to twenty different colours in each piece.


I went on to study Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts at Melbourne University. In 1991 I completed my degree, having majored in textilecraft and sub-majoring in printmaking.

After learning the various printmaking techniques such as: etching, lithography, gum and tusche stencils and photostencils, I became frustrated with the flat, two dimensional images and began experimenting with textural materials to create layers.  I gradually moved more and more into textiles, where I could achieve a greater complexity and depth through multiple layering of fabric, paint and stitch.


The purpose of my artwork is to explore colour and pattern through the manipulation of fabrics using painting and printmaking techniques, along with "drawing" onto the surface using machine and hand stitching. Areas are then scratched into or torn away to give dimension to my artwork.

Themes I have explored include heritage, antiquity, and cycles of nature ranging from new life to full bloom to decay and decomposition.  My fascination and keen interest to learn more about my family history has been the subject matter of many earlier artworks. My intention was to create art pieces that take on a weathered and aged appearance as though they were fragments discovered from a past century. Through my passion for gardening and love of nature I have explored subject matter including flowers, fruits, flying insects, birds and rock pools.

Since graduating from University I have exhibited artwork in numerous Melbourne  exhibitions and after moving to Adelaide in 2007, I was invited to join T'Arts Collective, a textiles and art gallery in the city. I am currently a member there and have participated in many exhibitions including annual Fringe and SALA exhibitions.  In 2014, I was a finalist for the inaugural Adelaide Parklands Art Prize and received a highly commended award for my artwork titled "City in the Park - Red Kangaroo Dreaming Place".